medical specialty

medical specialty
the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
Syn: ↑medicine
Derivationally related forms: ↑medical (for: ↑medicine), ↑medicine (for: ↑medicine), ↑medicate (for: ↑medicine)
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acute, ↑chronic, ↑fulgurating, ↑specific, ↑nonspecific, ↑algid, ↑invasive, ↑noninvasive, ↑corroborant, ↑local, ↑localized, ↑localised, ↑topical, ↑general, ↑epidemic, ↑vicarious, ↑palpable, ↑positive, ↑confirming, ↑negative, ↑disconfirming, ↑psychotic, ↑iatrogenic, ↑refractory, ↑stubborn, ↑self-limited, ↑clonic, ↑neurotropic, ↑catatonic, ↑parenteral, ↑emergency procedure, ↑infusion, ↑medicine, ↑practice of medicine, ↑urinalysis, ↑uranalysis, ↑scatology, ↑therapy, ↑irrigation, ↑bloodletting, ↑radiotherapy, ↑radiation therapy, ↑radiation, ↑actinotherapy, ↑irradiation, ↑imaging, ↑tomography, ↑venipuncture, ↑monster, ↑teras, ↑gauze, ↑gauze bandage, ↑medication, ↑medicament, ↑medicinal drug, ↑ointment, ↑unction, ↑unguent, ↑balm, ↑salve, ↑plexor, ↑plessor, ↑percussor, ↑truss, ↑achromia, ↑succedaneum, ↑regimen, ↑regime, ↑germ theory, ↑indication, ↑contraindication, ↑invasion, ↑carrier, ↑immune carrier, ↑clinician, ↑donor, ↑host, ↑rejection, ↑licensing fee, ↑license fee, ↑license tax, ↑chelation, ↑festering, ↑suppuration, ↑maturation, ↑infection, ↑insufflation, ↑potentiation, ↑zymosis, ↑reserve, ↑curvature, ↑malignancy, ↑malignance, ↑symptom, ↑sign, ↑immunity, ↑resistance, ↑dysfunction, ↑disfunction, ↑low-level radioactive waste, ↑snake oil, ↑tolerate, ↑autopsy, ↑auscultate, ↑visualize, ↑visualise
Hypernyms: ↑medical science
allergology, ↑anesthesiology, ↑angiology, ↑bacteriology, ↑biomedicine, ↑cardiology, ↑dentistry, ↑dental medicine, ↑odontology, ↑prosthetics, ↑dermatology, ↑emergency medicine, ↑endocrinology, ↑epidemiology, ↑forensic medicine, ↑forensic pathology, ↑gastroenterology, ↑geriatrics, ↑gerontology, ↑gynecology, ↑gynaecology, ↑hematology, ↑haematology, ↑hygiene, ↑hygienics, ↑immunology, ↑internal medicine, ↑general medicine, ↑nephrology, ↑nuclear medicine, ↑neurology, ↑clinical neurology, ↑neuropsychiatry, ↑nosology, ↑diagnostics, ↑obstetrics, ↑OB, ↑tocology, ↑midwifery, ↑oncology, ↑ophthalmology, ↑otology, ↑pharmacology, ↑pharmacological medicine, ↑materia medica, ↑pharmacy, ↑pharmaceutics, ↑psychiatry, ↑psychopathology, ↑psychological medicine, ↑pediatrics, ↑paediatrics, ↑pediatric medicine, ↑pedology, ↑podiatry, ↑chiropody, ↑proctology, ↑rheumatology, ↑rhinolaryngology, ↑otorhinolaryngology, ↑otolaryngology, ↑space medicine, ↑sports medicine, ↑therapeutics, ↑thoracic medicine, ↑traumatology, ↑accident surgery, ↑tropical medicine, ↑urology, ↑urogenital medicine, ↑veterinary medicine, ↑virology

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